Animal lover keeps adorable pet zebra – and they’re best friends with donkey

An animal lover has shared heart-warming photos of her bonding with her beloved pet zebra dubbed the ‘tamest zebra in Britain’.

Bev Griffiths, who runs Equine Dreams Equestrian Centre near Doncaster, purchased the beautiful zebra from a racing trainer last year.

The 13.3-hand high animal has made himself fully at home, thanks to Bev’s care and his best friend Jenny, a donkey, from whom he is inseparable.

Zebras are native to the grasslands of Africa but it’s thought Ziggy was born in Belgium before being brought to the UK by racing trainer Bill Turner as a foal.

Bev thinks Ziggy’s star attraction is his tameness and now has post-lockdown plans for visitors to see the majestic black and white animal up close.

Three groups of visitors a day will be able to visit Ziggy in his stable, where they will pet and even feed him his favourite food.

Bev said she had had a wonderful time training Ziggy.

She said: “When I open the barn doors and see him, it’s amazing, just breath-taking.

“I’ve put hours and hours of training into him, but he’s not a horse with stripes.

“I go down at 5am in the morning to do training with him, and back again at 9pm at night because he likes it nice and quiet.

“It’s phenomenal how far we’ve come. At the beginning I couldn’t get anywhere near him.

“But now he will come and feed out of his scoop which is a fantastic experience.

“We’ve just grown together. He’s chilled and relaxed.

“I’m so proud of him – he is something special.”

Bev had always wanted to learn how to ride a zebra like a horse. She fulfilled a lifelong dream last year when she bought Ziggy and she hopes that one day she will be able to ride him too.